NPPA & Press Suing the NYPD. Can You Guess Why?

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kieth, AP



Police officers eject NY Times photographer Robert Stolarik from Grand Central Station in New York.

Saw this on Chase Jarvis’s blog today and thought you guys would appreciate it. If you’ve been paying attention to anything that’s gone on in New York over the past few years (Occupy Wall St., anyone?) you will recall numerous instances of NYPD officers arresting, pepper spraying or otherwise preventing journalists and photographers from doing their jobs. Unfortunately for the NYPD, their authority doesn’t trump the constitution. As a result the National Press Photographers Association (NPAA) has joined with elected officials and journalists in filing a lawsuit against the NYPD with the goal of reversing this disturbing trend.

The suit  targets the City of New York, the MTA, the NYPD, Brookfield Properties, and JP Morgan Chase – alleging that they joined forces to restrict, deprive  and otherwise violate the First Amendment rights of journalists and photographers during the Occupy Wall Street protests that shook the attention of the world during late 2011 and 2012. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the case (in my opinion) is the fact that the NYPD, MTA and the City of New York are mentioned in the same suit with JP Morgan Chase and Brookfield Properties – both powerful corporations. I’m not particularly shocked to see corporate power join forces with government to stomp on American Citizens but it’s rare to see such associations on display in so public a venue.

For more on the topic, head over to and get the scoop from Chase.

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