Photographing Life & Death in Juarez

Photo by Dominic Bracco II

I recently became aware of the work of Dominic Bracco, an amazingly talented photographer and entrepreneur, after getting a link to his site from a friend. Based in Mexico city, Dominic is a photojournalist and one of the co-founders of PRIME – a photographic collective made up of Bracco, Melanie Burford, Brendan Hoffman, Charlie Mahoney, Lance Rosenfield, and Max Whittaker.

FROM THE WEBSITE: We are devoted to the idea that while truth is not absolute, experience never total, and perception invariably colors reality, the world can be most universally understood and related through images. By applying our own studied judgment, we believe that we can produce narratives that shine a light on the human condition. We may further human understanding, though it is just as likely that the stories we produce will serve only to highlight the complexities of mankind. Either way, we hope our work enriches the lives of our viewers, our subjects, and ourselves.

Recently, Bracco covered the turmoil just south of the border in the blood-soaked city of Juarez, Mexico. His expose on the impact of gang activity in Juarez paints a haunting portrait of an otherwise normal town drowning in violence – it’s hardworking citizens caught between the place they call home and the constant spectre of death. Bracco’s outstanding work proves that even the most horrific events offer their own unique brand of silent lucidity.

Check him out HERE.


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